Limmud Berlin 2019 Programm Vorschau

Healing from Halle: Two months after the attack in Halle, our community is still trying to process what happened and heal. This is represented by several sessions that have been submitted to Limmud Berlin, and we are happy to give a space for them!

Heilung von Halle: Zwei Monaten nach dem Anschlag in Halle, unsere Community ist noch am Verarbeiten und Heilen. Das zeigt sich an mehreren Sessions, die bei Limmud Berlin eingereicht wurden, und wir freuen uns, ihnen einen Raum zu geben!

Nehama Grenimann Bauch: Intercultural dialogue through art – how can we encourage understanding and resilience?

Through creative methods, we will explore what it means to understand the ‚other‘. Do words help or hinder us when we do so? What is post-traumatic growth? and how does art contribute to it? This will be an exploratory experience together, coupled with relevant information about art therapy and working with trauma and difference.

Naomi Henkel-Guembel: Survival & Hope – The Importance of Resilience.

Christchurch, Pittsburgh, Halle- the list of terror attack targets goes well beyond these 3 places. How do we as individuals and communities grapple with such events and their consequences-emotionally, psychologically and physiologically? This workshop aims to provide tools and ideas how to strengthen resilience in the face of rising extremism.

Flora Petak: Terror – Management – Theory

We know from the popular joke that we can summarize most Jewish holidays as “they wanted to kill us, we survived, now let’s eat”. Social psychology has been trying to explain it for decades: how does threat – terrorism, reminders of death, trauma – influence people? Crazy theories and how we might use them to our advantage.

Viktoria Kopmane: Unterstützung bei antisemitischen Vorfällen

Was tun bei einem antisemitischen Vorfall? Wo kann ich mich wenden? Was kann unternommen werden? Ist das, was mir oder anderen widerfahren ist, Antisemitismus? – hier können solche und ähnliche Fragen diskutiert werden.

Rina Soloveitchik: How the media reports on Antisemitism in Germany

A conversation around how the attack in Halle and other instances of Antisemitism were reported by/discussed in German media and how to position oneself in relation to that representation.

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