Und noch ein bisschen mehr Programmvorschau: Limmud Berlin 2019!

Jewish Education: Limmud is all about Jewish learning, so it is natural that in Berlin´s young and growing community, Jewish education of the next generation takes a central part also in this year ́s program. Several sessions provide a space for inspiration and empowerment to parents, educators, and anybody interested!

Jüdische Erziehung: bei Limmud dreht sich (fast) alles um Jüdisches Lernen. Es ist also selbstverständlich, dass in Berlins junger und wachsender Community die jüdische Erziehung der nächsten Generation auch im Limmud Programm eine zentrale Rolle spielt. Mehrere Sessions geben einen Raum für Inspiration und Empowerment für Eltern, Educators, und alle Interessierte!

Ekaterina Kadieva: Work with children of different cultures in schools and camps

Often we underestimate an influence that home culture has on a child. Ekaterina Kadieva, psychologist and one of the founders of international camp Marabou and Le Sallay school will share their experience of the work with children from different cultural backgrounds

Rebecca Blady: Building a Family with Jewish Values

New parents can discover many challenges around what it means to build a family with Jewish values. How do I educate myself, in order to educate my children? What kind of Judaism do I want to transmit to my kids? What should my home look like in order to achieve that goal? Rebecca and Jeremy, new parents themselves, will lead a discussion.

Mina Pasaljic: Jewish Informal Education Beyond Borders

Every summer JDC’s Szarvas International Jewish Youth Camp brings together 1600 participants from 32 countries of different cultural and religious backgrounds to a multi-lingual environment, and provides them with life-changing experiences. The session will give you some glimpse behind the scenes.

Panel Discussion: „Russian with Grandma, German in School, Jewish at Heart – Jewish Education in a complex world“

Today, there are many families where children grow up with a mix of languages and identities. It can be difficult for parents to navigate that and also give kids a healthy Jewish identity, in school, through after-school activities, machane, and the like. A discussion about challenges and possibilities.

Rachel Hefter, Michael Piccirillo: Vorstellung von Mischpacha und Austausch zum Thema: Was wünschen sich Familien?

Vorstellung von Mischpacha, dem Familienprogramm des Zentralrats der Juden in Deutschland und anschließende Diskussion über das Familienprogramm, Austausch zu der Frage, was sich Familien von einem Familienprogramm wünschen und zum Thema „Familienarbeit in jüdischen Gemeinden“.

Sergey Kuznetsov: Почему во всем мире так плохо со средней школой и что с этим делать.

The worldwide problem with middle school and what to do with it.

Каждый из нас хорошо помнит свою начальную школу и старшие классы – а вот средняя школа у многих словно в тумане. Став родителями сами, мы убедились, что в самых разных странах ситуация стала только хуже. Почему же средняя школа почти везде оказывается тем местом, где дети теряют интерес к учебе? Что могут сделать с этим родители и учителя?

We all remember the primary school and the high school but what happened in the middle school? As parents, we know that the situation with middle school is equally bad in many countries. Why do kids lose the motivation to study and what parents and teachers can do with that?

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